You Don't Need An MBA: Leadership Lessons that Cut Through the Crap

You Don't Need An MBA: Leadership Lessons that Cut Through the Crap

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You don't need an MBA...

… but you probably do need relevant, practical tools and support to level up your life, work and leadership.

Gone are the days of sitting in a lecture hall every weekend for years, only to find that everything you learned has become irrelevant.

For decades, we’ve been training people to become managers and subject matter experts. But to have real impact in today’s fast-moving, connected world, you need different skills.

In this groundbreaking, thought-provoking book, Alicia McKay teaches leaders to focus on the things they don’t teach you at business school..

  • How to develop true flexibility

  • How to make good decisions

  • How to build powerful systems

  • How to drive real performance

  • How to have meaningful influence.

With no management finance or supply chain optimisation in sight - this book is a Plain English explanation of the real skills that set a strategic leader apart from the rest.

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